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Love and Friendship Clock

Louis XVI Period

Mouvement signed De Verberie

Dimensions : H. 14.5 x W. 15.7 x D. 5.9 inches

Neoclassicism was born from a fervent reaction against the flamboyant Rococo style characteristic of the previous reign. Under Louis XVI, the virtues of purity, symmetry and rectilinear lines were glorified.

The neoclassical movement elegantly presented a return to simpler Greco-Roman ornamental repertoires. Queen Marie-Antoinette enlivened these devices somewhat with floral motifs and ribbons, giving the style a certain delicate charm.

This attractive white marble and gilded bronze clock rests on a base of more white marble, and is animated with the figure of a young woman and Cupid. The gracious female quite possibly represents Erato, one of the nine Greek muses, daughter of Zeus and goddess of elegiac poetry. Winged Love presents to her an open gilt book, upon which "L'art d'aimer d'Ovide" is inscribed.

Love was the principal theme elaborated upon in the decorative arts during the reign of Louis XVI.
The movement is signed, "de Verberie à Paris", and below the dial is a small rectangular plaque painted with a scene full of cherubs.