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Expertise and Qualifications

The key to expertise is specialization. Skill and expertise are mandatory from a professional because in this domain of work, precision is highly important. In the field of art, it is common to encounter professionals who are unfortunately only experienced in the general knowledge of art. To be able to join the chamber of experts, it is asked from an antique dealer to specialize in one or two specific domains. One must demonstrate perfect knowledge in each of their specialties, and is required to perfectly follow the code of ethics for ten years.

A strong presence in many associations

Olivier Delvaille is an accredited expert and member of the National Federation of Experts Specialized in Art. His two specialties are in 18th century French furniture, and 1850 to 1950 French paintings. For fifteen years, he has been a member and Vice President of the Administrative Council of fnepsa.

The European Confederation of Art Experts, brings together experts from the main chambers of France and Belgium, including fnepsa. One of the main roles of CEDEA is to bring attention to buyers that an authentic expert is required to be a member of a recognized organization. The organization should actively monitor the seriousness and knowledge of their members. The expert members should also have adequate insurance. Olivier Delvaille was the Secretary General of the CEDEA from  2010 to 2024, and he is still very involved in the organization

The Delvaille Gallery is situated in the heart of the oldest antique district of Paris. In 1977, Madame Josette Delvaille and four colleagues created the Carré Rive Gauche association, which later became the name of the district. It is one of the first associations that organized the "five days of extraordinary objects". Olivier, the son of Madame Delvaille, used to be the treasurer and President of the association.

Olivier Delvaille had been a part of the National Union of Antique Dealers, for more than twenty years. The purpose of the union is to protect antique dealers against certain situations that the French government can sometimes impose. To ensure France's influence on the art market, the SNA organizes one of the most prestigious art show in the world, the Biennale des Antiquaires au Grand Palais. The union recruits its members based on their capacity to choose art objects of the highest quality and irreproachable authenticity. From 1998 to 2020, Olivier Delvaille has been in the administrative council of the SNA.


Biennale Paris, New York, Brafa Brussels, Palm Beach…

For thirty years, the Delvaille Gallery has attended the most prestigious international art fairs, more than 100 time. All of these art fairs have a very strict policy of which objects can be presented. They verify their authenticity, condition, and quality. Participation in these fairs allow the merchants that are invited and exhibit, to gain respect and notoriety in their field.