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Alain Bellino (born in 1955) - Dark Vador 2022

2022, Unique piece, Assemblage of ancient furniture bronzes

Dimensions : H. 41 x W. 32.5 x D. 39 cm

Born in Nice in 1955, Alain Bellino entered the world of metal and ornamentation in his father's gilding, silvering and bronze and goldsmith's restoration workshop.

After several decades of practice and technical development in the rehabilitation and restoration of works of art, Alain Bellino embarked on an artistic approach in the late 2000s. Ornaments torn from their original support form the structure of his sculptures. The artist uses bronze ornamentation as a base material, which he works slowly, one by one, and welds with extreme precision.  Bellino also uses his perfect mastery of patinas to give a distinct light to each of his models.

In his iconoclastic yet formally rigorous work of reappropriation and reassembly, at the crossroads between past and future, Alain Bellino sublimates and rehabilitates ornamentation. It's worth remembering that, unlike the numerous castings produced by most sculptors, Alain Bellino's works are all hand-crafted, piece by piece. Aesthetic originality, the demand for perfection, positions Alain Bellino among the most remarkable creators of the 21st century. In essence, the creations he leaves us will be few in number.


Although Alain Bellino has already created other sculptures inspired by Star Wars, this Dark Vador Head 2022 is a unique piece. The multiple twists and turns create graceful arabesques that contrast with the warlike, frightening character. The artist has succeeded in conveying the ambivalence of the famous Darth Vader character, a central and ambiguous figure in the Star Wars saga, who, after turning to the dark side of the Force, saves his son in a final act of redemption.