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Large Louis XV Period Trumeau

Dimensions : H. 190 x W. 116 cm

This beautiful Rocaille overmantel is a Parisian work from the Louis XV period. It was made on a fir wood structure, and the original parquet floor shows that its dimensions have never been modified, as it is often the case unfortunately. The mercury mirrors are also original.

The abundant high relief carving is in gilded limewood. The Rocaille decorative repertoire is characterised here by pronounced curves and asymmetry in the central motif and the lateral volutes. Despite the richness of the ornamentation, this mirror retains a perfect balance thanks to proportions that follow the great French classicism.

Contrary to classical overmantels, the sculpture is the only decorative element here, as the carpenter did not leave any space for a painting in the upper part, which in overmantels is usually of mediocre quality.

Certainly designed to be placed over a fireplace, this overmantel can be used as a classic mirror. It is possible that the colour of the lacquer was changed in the 20th century. The gilding of the carved parts has been restored but is still largely original.