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Tall Rocaille Mirror

Louis XV Period

Made in Ile de France (Paris region) circa 1750

Dimensions : H. 73.6 x W. 43.3 inches

This is a beautiful giltwood mirror with glazing beads. The very rich décor is typical of the Rocaille style. This style is the highlight of refinement in the Louis XV period. Rocaille stylistically is vigorous, exuberant, and asymmetrical.

This mirror is a great example of this wonderful period of creativity. A century later many countries in Europe were inspired by Rocaille and created Rococo architecture.

This mirror is made up of: curves and counter-curves, flowers and foliage, and twists and shells. The opulence of the décor respects and stays true to the standards of balance and proportion of the golden age of French furniture.

This mirror is in a very good state of conservation. The mercury glass is original as well as the back. The gilding is that of the 18th century, and was restored according to the "rules of art".