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Franz Unterberger (attributed to) (1838-1902)

The Doge’s Palace, Venice

Italian School, oil on panel

Dimensions : H. 23.6 x W. 13.7 inches (With frame: H. 30.7 x W. 20.8 inches)

Our painting depicts a view of The Doge's Palace in Venice that is bathed in sunlight on a beautiful summer day.
The brushstrokes, composition, and atmosphere of this painting are indicative of the artwork of Franz Unterberger.

Franz Unterberger was born on August 15, 1838, in Inssbruck, Austria.
He was a painter of genre scenes and animated landscapes.
Unterberger was a student at the Académie of Munich. Then, he was the student of Albert Zimmermann in Weimar, and lastly, he was the student of Andreas Achenbach in Düsseldorf.
He traveled extensively throughout Europe including Milan in 1858 and Norway and Denmark in 1860, before settling in Brussels.

In 1874, he exhibited in Vienna.
He liked to paint Venice and the outskirts of Naples and Sicily.

Franz Unterberger died on May 25, 1902 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, which is near Paris.

New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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