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Ernest Guillemer (1839-1913)

Cows under the trees

French School - Oil on panel, signed lower right

Dimensions : H. 10 x W. 13 ¾ inches (with frame: H. x W. inches)

Ernest Guillemer is a French painter, born in Senlis in 1839. Painter of landscapes, he exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1864 to 1890. He painted views of the Normandy countryside, the banks of the Seine and the landscapes of the Fontainebleau forest. He drew motifs of clearings, majestic trees and lakes sheltered by high forests. His shimmering and luminous palette gives his landscapes a very special grace.


Our painting is characteristic of the work of this artist. The composition, in several planes - rocks in the foreground, tall trees in the background and a suggested horizon line in the background - creates a remarkable perspective effect. The harmony of the colours used by Ernest Guillemer is also noteworthy: the bluish reflections of the rocks match the luminous blue of the sky; the dark greens of the foliage bring out the soft green of the grass, which is further illuminated by pearl grey and white touches. Finally, the two cows seem to move towards us: the artist thus offers us to see a lively landscape, both peaceful and alive.


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